Azerbaijan between the past and future!


Anisa Bahiti

Azerbaijan is a geographical, political, historical, cultural and religious crossroads. It is a country rich in energy resources and not only.

Geographically, Azerbaijan is a perfect crossroads of the border between Southeast Europe and Asia. The broken road between Russia and Iran, the western part of the Caspian Sea!

Politically, Azerbaijan has a great ally, the second NATO army, which is the Republic of Turkey! The Asian country was associated with the Partnership for Peace with NATO in 1994 long before neighbors such as Georgia and Ukraine! Azerbaijan has excellent relations with many European countries.

Elections in Azerbaijan are held under the supervision of the OSCE and the European Council, of which Azerbaijan is a member, and are generally considered fair and free elections.

Historically, Azerbaijan is the heart of Asia, an important part of the old empires, an important part of the Ottomans, the southern border of the Soviet Union and always a very strategic point! Historically, the Western world should not forget the vital contribution of the people of Azerbaijan against Nazism in Stalingrad and the rest of the Second World War!

The cultural heritage of Azerbaijan is unique, crossroads of religions and culture, excellent religious coexistence in the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan.

Today, after 33 years, the Independent Republic of Azerbaijan, despite the great success in building their state, is under great pressure from some Western countries, because they returned to a part of their country, which they had lost with the use of force 33 years ago when the Soviet Union collapsed. Azeris suffered a lot at that time. Let’s remember the massacres that include the Baku Massacre by the Soviet army in the 90s.

The military connection between Armenia and Russia made it possible for Azerbaijan to lose an important part of the country. Today, when the Azerbaijani army has liberated part of the country, this bond is still strong. Despite the fact that some Western countries are against Russia in Ukraine, in Azerbaijan they are on the same side as Russia and Iran. 2 different principles in 2 different areas of the former Soviet Union. Some of these countries can’t be against a Christian state (Armenia) and supporting a Muslim country (Azerbaijan), when in fact it has a great heritage and dialogue about religion and culture.

Azerbaijan’s economic energy strategy saved Europe in the last 1.5 years since the start of the war in Ukraine. TAP is still the only alternative gas energy for Europe. It will become increasingly important in the coming years.

The ‘soccar’ projects in the Balkans for internal gasification are strategic. This will help for more economical connections. The alliance with Turkey brings Azerbaijan closer and closer to the Western world and beyond. The rapid reconstruction process in Karabakh is a fact and the growth of Azerbaijan’s economy every year, that Azerbaijan is not only on the right side, but it is also the right example of being on the right side!

Azerbaijan is a crossroads in the future as well. With a strong leadership, strong economy, open-minded society, strong institutions, growing new democracy, Azerbaijan has a difficult but bright future. Today on the streets of Baku you can see many smiling young people who do not run away from their place, and in today’s Europe this is a great example!


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